Enhance your team’s performance and capacity through our advanced professional development training.

What makes Kaeppel Consulting unique is how we work with our clients to determine their specific needs, goals, and objectives. Through this collaborative effort, we custom-build a strategic plan including a balanced mix of management models and tools that will work best for your organization.

Kaeppel provides a wide range of business transformation consulting services. With our consulting approach, we bring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and project management to execute projects and build excellence to bring meaningful change. We always consult with an eye toward enabling the client for the longer term through training and coaching the SME content before leaving.

Kaeppel consultants provides  your organization with the methodologies and tools you need to:
  • Assess your current situation to identify gaps and find opportunities for growth.
  • Create a strategic vision for the future to facilitate your growth plan.
  • Develop a road map to achieve your objectives and define metrics to measure progress.
  • Create a culture for continuous improvement to refine and evolve.

Our Areas of Focus

Business Modernization

With the disciplines of strategic planning and innovation at the forefront, we work with you to reshape your enterprise’s leadership and culture.

Operations Excellence

Kaeppel Consulting guides you step-by-step as you endeavor to implement continuous process improvement and beyond to Operations Excellence.

IT Governance

We assist our clients in minimizing the disconnect between the management of the enterprise, end-to-end processes, and reliable information systems.

Change Management

Kaeppel Consultants have years of experience addressing the human change management aspects of significant organizational change.

Project Management

We use best practices to enhance your organizational initiatives and train client personnel to enhance your project and portfolio management. 

Continuous Improvement

Our team has an extensive corporate and consulting application of approaches rooted in DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

Organizational Design

We tailor our offerings based on an assessment of your needs and offer our turn-key methodology entitled Center of Excellence (COE) Methodology. 

Lean Six Sigma

A key part of our methodology is providing three levels of training in the Lean Six Sigma learning space for your company’s development.

Enterprise Architecture

We use architecture principles to guide organizations through business, information, process, and technology changes to  make  business decisions.

Creating A Culture

The Kaeppel Consulting approach follows a maturity model for creating culture.  Over the term of your engagement, leadership will adapt and become self-sufficient in the use of customized methods to stimulate sustainable change.  The time it takes for transformation depends on how fast the organization chooses to advance.

We recognize that every client has unique challenges and capabilities, therefore we tailor our Consulting offerings to the specific needs of your project. We can engage at any level, whether it’s developing a custom improvement methodology or writing a communications plan — or anything in between.

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