Example Case Studies

Programs & Projects

WellSenseProject Management Office TransformationWe worked with the WellSense health insurance plan to establish project management disciplines, enterprise planning disciplines, and execution success on launching projects. Throughout this project, we augmented the staff to create the Project Management Office for successful implementation. Additionally, we developed standards for coordinating and operating projects, executed the various projects, and ran their PMO as a third party.
  • During our engagement, we utilized PMO tools such as project plans, portfolio planning, risk management, and benefits management.
As a result of our PMO transformation, we matured the practice of project management and delivered on their projects enabling WellSense to achieve its corporate goals. We also delivered a brand new product in the market within six months with no customer complaints or issues. Through our process improvement and managing their projects, we saved WellSense over $5 million by reducing factors such as the duration of stay in the hospital.
Verisk Analytics/ISOStand up a PMO and fix processes of prioritization and governanceOver a six month period, Kaeppel organized the portfolio of 250 projects, prioritized with new governance and steering committee and trained org on PMO practices
  • Project Prioritization Criteria
  • Steering Committees
  • Program Sponsors
  • Project Sponsor Training
  • Project Intake Process
  • Design and Build
Focused Portfolio on Top 10 Projects.
Delivered new Intake and prioritization process
Steering Committee and Governance of SVP level
Satisfied Customer
Erie InsuranceCorporate PMO Structure, Maturity and DeliveryStarted with PMO Assessment, and continued to support organizational change and Phase 3 is to execute changes to improve project delivery and benefit realization
  • PMO Maturity Plan
  • Sponsor Training
  • Benefit Realization Process Mapping
  • Standard Work Training
Project Management transparency and speed improve to ensure value delivery through benefit realization
Erie InsuranceeDelivery StrategyDevelop strategy for eDelivery of insurance documents.
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • To-Be Process Mapping
  • Target-State Architecture
  • Multi-Generational Planning
  • Stakeholder Analysis
Strategy adopted; implementation in progress.
AmeriPro MortgageTRID ComplianceProject manager for TRID Compliance Project
  • Project Management
TRID compliance achieved on-time, on budget and achieved its scope goals.
Kemper InsurancePMO Capability MaturityPlanned IT PMO maturity program.  Executed projects to implement and improve PMO capabilities.
  • Multi-Generational Planning
  • Project Management
  • PMO Maturity
  • ADKAR Change Mgt.
  • Portfolio Governance
IT PMO maturity plan adopted and deployed; Significant improvements in repeatability, cycle time, and resource management.
Texas Department of TransportationGroupwise to Exchange MigrationProject Management –  Highly complex project was completed with migration of 650G of data and 14,000 users from 220 locations in less than 4 months.
  • Project Management
  • ADKAR Change Mgt.
Migration of 650G of data and 14,000 users from 220 locations in less than 4 months.
WalmartBusiness Project Management MethodologyEstablish BPM methodology, develop and deliver training and playbook.
  • PMO Maturity
  • Training Development
  • Training Delivery
Developed and deployed PM101 course to 60 PMs; train-the-trainer.
Hartford Insurance GroupIT PMO Capability MaturityDevelop and implement PMO maturity plan.  Improve governance and oversight, reporting capabilities, updated methodology, training, and technology enhancements.
  • PMO Maturity
  • Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Governance
Improved PMO capability, maturity, and consistency.
Liberty Mutual InsuranceClaims Contact Center IntegrationIntegration Process Consultant and Project Manager for six-site claims contact center for merger of Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance.  In four months, accomplished system, telephony, staffing, training, and management integration for a 420-person contact center.
  • Project Management
  • Process Engineering
Completed Claims Contact Center integration to meet overall cutover date.
First Notice Of Loss Defects. And achievement of 1.5x chartered benefits