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With Kaeppel

At Kaeppel Consulting, we recruit forward-thinking individuals who are ready to make a meaningful impact.

Why Join the Kaeppel Team?


Company Culture

Our values, expectations, and practices are the driving force for how we operate. At Kaeppel Consulting, we pride ourselves on having engaging, collaborative opportunities that are rewarding for you and the client.



We like to meet our team where they are. Although based in San Antonio, Texas, our team operates across the nation. We believe our team needs a healthy work-life balance for greater career satisfaction and success.


Fulfilling Career

A primary goal is for our team to have a career where they feel valued and connected. We encourage innovative contributions and welcome you to introduce new ideas to enhance our productivity and practices.

A Team of Talented Professionals

At Kaeppel Consulting, you’ll have the opportunity to share your unique perspective and expand your expertise for upward mobility. We believe in focusing on your career growth. Therefore, we introduce you to colleagues and training to further develop your skills. Think of us as your career advocate to help you reach your career goals and take your professional development to the next level.

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