Kaeppel Consulting prides itself on providing optimal results for your company. Our case studies demonstrate how we deliver value and excellence as we assist our clients to build a high-performing organization. Learn more about our previous projects and get an idea of how we can contribute to your next project by viewing our case studies below.

Organization Change

A systematic approach that uses information, tools, and resources to refine strategies, processes, and evolving changes in the business environment.

Process Improvement

An effort to analyze existing processes and identify how to improve services, processes, products, and systems to create effective management practices.

Programs & Projects

The oversight of mapping business goals and initiatives to strategically improve the implementation of programs and projects contributing to innovation.

Technology & Automation

The practice of using information technology and tools to upgrade legacy systems to increase the efficiency of processes and operations.

Training & Development

A practice to increase the capabilities of team members to improve their performance at work and contribute to the organization’s overall goals.

Client Testimonials

Louis Carr, Jr., Clark County, Nevada
Chief Information Officer

Scott Kaeppel leads a team of Information Technology professionals and has consistently provided professionals that seem always at the ready to provide high quality service. They have provided me with teams of qualified professionals including roles such as Project Management, Enterprise Architects and Analysts.

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