Example Case Studies

Process Improvement

CompanyCompany ProjectCompany DescriptionToolsResults
Bank of HopeAnti-Money Laundering & Cash Flow MonitoringKaeppel brought in experts to assess Bank of Hope’s anti-money laundering processes. We provided a new “to-be” process for cash flow monitoring and currency transaction reporting. During this project, we gathered data and identified anomalies through statistical process control. Additionally, we utilized lean methods to analyze workflow.
  • Lean
    Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control Charts
  • “As-is” Process
  • “To-be” Process
  • Bank of Hope now has a process that is compliant and aligns with regulation standards, Additionally, they are more efficient in their operations and have a process to monitor cash flow. 
  • By using a leaner process, we eliminated non-value-added steps. 
Bank of the WestCreate Culture of Continuous ImprovementBank of the West was facing 50% volume increase in workload without additional personnel addedKaizen event to include process mapping and analysis, flow analysis, Takt time, Balanced Workload, VA/NVA analysis, and Dashboarding/Performance Measurement systemIncrease of 50+% productivity enabling absorption of increased volume while maintaining quality commitments.
Verisk AnalyticsSimplify Field OperationsLow productivity from field personnel.Process mapping, spaghetti mapping, Standard Operating Procedures, VA/NVA analysis, Data AnalysisReduction of NVA time resulting in better utilization of field personnel 25% productivity gain
ArgoImprove Policy RetentionCurrent retention rates for one of the Key LOBs were significantly lower than expectations.VOC, process mapping, flow analysis, Theory of Constraints, Balanced Workload, Dashboarding Increase of 25% in retention resulting in a return to profitability for that business unit.
Erie InsuranceImprove Commercial Lines UW cycle timeTriage approach to review high level processes for 3 different portions of the Commercial Lines value stream.Process Mapping, VOC, Survey Development and Analysis, VA/NVA analysis, Flow Analysis, Benefit/Effort AnalysisIdentified multiple significant opportunities to be undertaken as individual projects, projecting gains in quote ratio, decrease in quoting time, cycle time reduction, and overall productivity increases.