About Us

We enable our clients to achieve their objectives by leveraging industry experts and implementing innovative best practices. We equip our clients with tools and resources to help them excel and exceed their performance goals.
Kaeppel has been providing services since 2009 to over 90 clients delivering over 300 Statements of Work.
How can we help your company with your consulting, staffing, or training needs?

Why We Started

Scott Kaeppel founded Kaeppel Consulting to offer clients the best-trusted advisor consulting and staffing experience they could ever dream of having. 
We have earned our place as a trusted advisor by consistently exceeding our client’s expectations through honest, transparent consulting to take companies to their next level of performance.
“Like a physical trainer works with a top athlete, we help you identify your areas of improvement, lay out a clear, measurable, achievable plan, then help you and your team reach your targeted level of performance through consulting, training, and staffing.”
– Scott J. Kaeppel

Our Methodology

To climb Mt. Everest, you need a guide to get you to the top. Kaeppel Consulting’s experienced guides can take you and your team to the peak of performance. As with any climb, you must follow a process to be successful. Therefore, we assist our clients each step of the way – avoiding pitfalls, overcoming challenges, and reaching the summit of their success.

Since our inception, we have completed over 300 Statements of Work in the areas of:

Subject Matter Experts

Marketing, Logistics, Risk, Innovation, Data Science, HR​

& Development

CX/Design Thinking, Sponsorship, LSS, PM, BA


Operations, Strategy, CX, PMO/LSS, Digitalization, Transformation​


Development, Maintenance, Design, Innovate ​

& Staff Expansion

Business Management, Sales Manager, Quality Assurance, Website Development, and More

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