Six Sigma

Kaeppel Consulting provides three levels of training in the Lean Six Sigma learning space:

  • Yellow Belt – A one-week course designed to teach part-time practitioners the basic tools used to identify, analyze, and improve basic business processes.  The course includes modules in Change Management, Team Facilitation, and Basic Statistics. 
  • Green Belt – A two-week course designed for the part-time practitioner.  Topics cover the Yellow Belt course material, with additional emphasis on process capability and measurement, basic probability and distributions, and basic hypothesis testing.  This course serves as a good primer for the ASQ Green Belt exam. 
  • Black Belt – An additional two weeks of material designed for the full-time practitioner.  Topics include the Green Belt course material with additional emphasis on statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, Design of Experiments, and Design for Six Sigma.  This course serves as a good primer for the ASQ Black Belt exam.

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