Client: Walmart

Background: When the world’s largest retailer needed to standardize project management and process engineering disciplines across their global operations, they turned to Kaeppel Consulting.

Business Problem: Walmart’s large, diverse organization has highly distributed project management and process improvement capabilities. The methods and tools used by project managers and process improvement leaders were inconsistent, and yielded inconsistent results. Walmart desired standardization of tool kits and a level-set of training in each of the disciplines.

Approach and Solution:
Kaeppel was retained to establish standards, develop training and tool kits, and provide ‘101’ level training for project managers and process improvement practitioners across the organization.

Kaeppel worked with process owners for the improvement disciplines to establish methodologies, playbooks, and standardized tools. We then developed training curricula for the two courses, and delivered those courses in Bentonville, Arkansas and Shenzhen, China. We also prepared Walmart staff to deliver the courses without Kaeppel involvement.

Walmart now has standard methods for process improvement and project management methodologies, training curricula to deliver to practitioners, and trained staff to deliver the training.

Sample Engagements

Company Project Description Tools Result
Clark County Root Cause Analysis Training Root Cause Analysis Training Training Development

Training Delivery

Delivered training to 40 IT resources.
Walmart Business Project Management Methodology Establish BPM methodology, develop and deliver training and playbook. PMO Maturity

Training Development

Training Delivery

Developed and deployed PM101 course to 60 PMs; train-the-trainer.