Programmer Developer Analyst 2 – Austin, TX

Kaeppel Consulting is in immediate need of a Programmer Developer Analyst 2 for a project with our client in Austin, TX.

The analyst will:

  • Convert project specifications, statements of problems, and statutory guidance into interactive user interfaces.
  • Bring strong creative, conceptual and problem-solving skills to translate requirements (business goals and user needs) into interaction and design solutions.
  • Experience simplifying complex data and analytics, designing data visualization products, dashboards and/or reports.
  • Create and effectively present UX deliverables (wireframes, workflows, prototypes, etc.) to explain and negotiate design solutions to key stakeholders and provide a consistent user experience across multiple user interfaces, web browsers, and devices.
  • Interpret and implement agency design guidance for specific settings, and document decision points for future guidance.
  • Work with multiple teams to refine requirements and iterate on design alternatives, ensuring consistency of look, feel, and implementation.
  • Analyze, edit, debug, and re-write dashboard coding as needed. Design for accessibility and ensure compliance with ADA guidelines.
  • Prepare detailed specifications to describe sequence of steps that staff must follow and input, output, and logical operations involved.
  • Prepare test data, and review and test developed UIs for adherence to specified UI/UX designs. Design and conduct user testing and gather and report usage information and user feedback.

Specific project requirements include creating and updating data dashboards in PowerBI to augment existing dashboards and ensuring the functionality of the adaptation to the Ed-Fi Teacher Preparation Data Model.

Tasks for this work include but are not limited to:
• Five designed and functional dashboards for the public facing site
• Additional data points and visualizations added to existing dashboards as needed
• Technical manual detailing the calculations included in the dashboards
• State-level user interface for semantic model
• Five designed and functional dashboards for internal/EPP-facing site
• Resource and FAQ materials that guide updating of the dashboards

Duration: 1,000 hours


4 years User Experience Design
4 years Graphic Design
4 years PowerBI Developer
4 years Data Analysis and Strategy
4 years Business Writing
4 years HTML and/or CSS
4 years Javascript
4 years SAS


3 years SQL
3 years Data Visualization