Kaeppel Consulting is different from most large firms.  We offer customized solutions to meet your needs without all the overhead. We have applied our lean tools to ourselves and designed a “Just-in-Time” supply model. We have access to all levels of consultants within many industries and will provide you with just the right talent needed for just the right amount of time.

Seek The Peak > Enable the Climb > Condition the Team

At the heart of our methods are three simple approaches to help your company transform and change:

  1. How to assess your business (Seek the Peak) to find everything from simple fixes through transformational opportunities. The output from this assessment is a list of projects to help you reach your peak performance.
  2. Simply executing projects is not enough to reach the peak. Most companies fail to reach peak performance because they have not Enabled the Climb. From simple fixes to transformation projects, our methods deployed will ensure you lay out a multi-generational plan and address all change management aspects of reaching the peak.
  3. Last, but not least, most companies rely on the same group of individuals to climb every mountain. We call these your heroes. They are your “go-to” people. The peak of Mt. Everest was not reached by the most talented individual but rather by a well-orchestrated team with a plan. Our Condition the Team phase provides training, communications, coordination, and the skills necessary for your team to reach the peak.


One hundred people can be put to work on clearing the path to the top. However, if each individual lifts only what they can gather… you will only remove the twigs, leaving the huge logs that are blocking your path.

How well does your team work together to reach the peak?


It’s our job to …

Enable our clients to exceed their performance goals, while transferring skills and knowledge into their business to enable them to continue to improve on their own.


We are not a big consulting firm with an aggressive sales force. Our success is based upon reputation and trust. Unlike those giant consultancies, we partner with your company to become part of the team. Our costs will pleasantly surprise you, and the results of our joint efforts will speak for themselves.

Ready to Get Started?

Request a consultation with Scott Kaeppel, our founder and CEO. Give us some detail about your organization and situation.

We’ll schedule a conference where you’ll share your goals, obstacles, and needs. Scott will assess whether and how the Kaeppel team can help.