Operations Excellence is the logical extension of a business culture that has a maturing journey toward continuous process improvement.  As all operations team members take responsibility for continuing to drive down cost and improve customer service, operations leaders are freed up to participate in voice of the customer listening and product and service strategic discussions.  The company can grow because it not only operates well, but it also gets better at addressing new and changing customer needs.  This sustains long term growth.

Kaeppel consultants can guide you along your journey to continuous process improvement and beyond to Operations Excellence.  We do that by helping you forge a disciplined approach to: 
  • Information gathering and real-time analysis
  • Visual understanding of breakdowns in flow
  • Training of employees to respond to and address flow disruptions
  • Structured and strategic customer listening

This enables operations processes to be addressed by operations employees while leaders focus more time on customer needs and product/service value evolution.



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Client Corner

"I worked on several key projects with Scott while at USAA. Several factors made those projects successful; Scott's knowledge of Six Sigma, his ability to evaluate complex situations accurately, his honesty, and his ability to be a committed business partner. The later was so important because, when we were dealing with organizational process and structural changes where the savings could be several million dollars a year, his commitment and leadership in support of those changes made the tough journey successful."
- Don Jones,
Sr. VP/CIO, Firstmark Credit Union

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